Maine Adventures

When one hears about this great place, the first thing to come to mind really is an adventure. That means hunting and fishing. These are the primary activities enjoyed here, and tourists visit because Maine has some of the world’s best hunting and fishing spots.

It is very rich in hunting and fishing resources. Make sure you have on hand all the necessary permits and documentation you can show in case the authorities question your trip. There are two kinds of permits. The ordinary types can be used any day and at any time during the hunting seasons.

The second type of permit is more specialized that could allow you to hunt and fish at some restricted areas. Not everyone is given such passes. You should be a professional that would guarantee you can better handle yourself alone even if unguided.

There are available camps and lodges for all the hunters and sports enthusiasts. Maine has lots of registered hunting and fishing guides. Bear in mind a couple of fishing trips that will prevent unwanted accidents. Be extra careful in ice fishing. It could be very dangerous if the iced floor cracks and you fall in icy water. It will be freezing cold.

The Northern and Southern Zones of Maine are provided with different tips for fishing. There are a total of eight lakes and has a nearby 50-mile river up north. You will find a lot of trout and salmon anglers species in this place. A fishery was also developed here. The muskellunge fishery found in this region.

On the other hand, down south is where you will find the watershed of Mattawamkeag. Coldwater fishes mainly thrive here. You can also find brooks, beaver flowage, and smallmouth bass.

Even if you are just planning a day fishing trip, don’t forget you survival backpack kit.¬† It so beautiful in this area that you’ll want to stay a few days.

The wild adventures in Maine do not stop in fishing and hunting. The extreme winter sports here are very challenging and exciting at the same time. Try your hands in ice climbing, rock climbing, hiking, biking, water rafting, sailing and many other such activities.

If you’re planning on camping out in the remote areas of main, we suggest you bring a bright flashlight, like a bright tac 1200 tactical flashlight,¬†because it can get very dark.

Snowmobiling is likewise very popular here. You should try it at least once in your life. It will be one of a unique experiences you will have. You can also go canoeing and kayaking. The best spots for these in Maine are in Androscoggin and other rivers. Many offer canoe and kayak equipment for your convenience. You do not have to bring one yourself.

Bikers will love the trails of Maine. Enjoy sightseeing, the views of the swimming holes, covered bridges and even the local ponds as you paddle your bicycle. The weather is mostly cooperative, suited for leisure biking.

Do not forget to visit the Maine Outdoor Adventure Club. It was built mainly to gather all the outdoor adventurers and met people with the same interest. The club provides a list of ongoing outdoor activities all year round, and at different seasons. People of different nationalities join to participate in the set activities. It is a chance for them to meet new acquaintances and bond while doing the things they love the most.